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The Facts
Fact: Soft play is crucial to the development of our children
Fact: Soft Play Centre’s have a legal duty of care to provide a safe and clean environment.
Fact: ROSPA are currently petitioning to move their stance on annual inspections from strongly recommended to legally required to match European standards.
Fact: Every council insists that a proactive cleaning and maintenance program is in place.
Fact: Insurance premiums will continue to rise unless you can prove you are complying with your duty of care through a program of cleaning and maintenance so you are able prove you are managing their risk.
Fact: Non compliance or complacency can lead to closure.
Fact: Ballpool’s pose a risk to health if a regular cleaning schedule is NOT in place!
Fact: You do not always have to close to clean
The Problem
You need to keep your soft play area open for as long as possible and attract as many people as possible to your business. In order to comply with all the rules and regulations you need the quickest, cheapest and most flexible solution you can find.
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