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Play Area Deep Cleaning Service  

What is a “Deep Clean”
A deep clean is a planned regular event that should be part of your cleaning and maintenance schedule. This type of clean should take place at least quarterly and should include every area within your facility. A deep clean’s objective is to remove as much ground in dirt as possible and remove dust from area’s that are not included in your daily or weekly cleans ie. Dust removal from netting framework, shampoo all carpeted area’s, steam off the washroom facilities, clean the ballpool etc etc.

Our approach
We allocate a maximum of 6 hours onsite, during which our main concern for is to tackle the play frame and ballpool. Any additional work as identified below can be quoted & completed normally within the same visit at an additional cost to be agreed with the operator.

The additional services we can provide are made up of:-
Floor area
A quite area
Toilet & Washroom facilities
All deep clean prices include 4 men on site and is charged at £50 per hour with a minimum charge of £600 for all sites within 50 miles of Stockport, with additional travel charges for areas over 50 miles as detailed below.
Additional travel charges:
Up to 50 miles will be inclusive within the hourly rate
Up to 100 miles will be charge at £50
Up to 150 miles will be charged at £75
Over 150 miles will be charged at £100.
  Click here for details of our ballpool cleaning service  

Emergency cleans can be arranged at short notice but pleased note that time on site before 8am or after 6pm, will be charged at x 1.5 the rates shown above.

A certificate of cleanliness will be issued for you to display.
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