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  Ballpool Cleaning Service      

Our approach
The cleaning process is performed by two men, using our own ball cleaning machine. The process involves submerging each ball into a chlorine based sanitisation fluid in order to kill any surface bacteria. The balls are then pumped into nett sacks which allow the balls to be stored safely whilst the cleaning of the pit takes place. Broken balls are removed and the pit is wiped down and vacuumed, after which the balls are emptied back into the pit and left to dry. (We recommend that the ballpool remains closed until you are satisfied that the balls are dry enough, typically this depends on the heating, ventilation & use of air driers if available.)

How much does it cost?

Example prices are based on cleans within a 50 mile radius of Stockport: (Additional travel costs are shown below)
Number of balls: Up to:

£250 60,000 £425  
30,000 £275 70,000 £475
40,000 £325 80,000 £525
50,000 £375 90,000 £575

To estimate number of balls: 1250 balls are contained within an area 1m² at ½m high

The minimum charge for a ballpool clean is £250.00

Emergency cleans can be arranged at short notice but pleased note that time on site before 8am or after 6pm, will be charged at x 1.5 the rates shown above.

Additional travel charges to the table above:
Up to 100 miles will be charge at £50
Up to 150 miles will be charged at £75
Over 150 miles will be charged at £100.
A certificate of cleanliness will be issued for you to display.
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