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CV36/2 - Vacuum Cleaner    
Professional cleaning demands high standards of engineering and quality.

Kärcher brush-type upright cleaners incorporate modern technology and unique product benefits that meet all the requirements of professional vacuuming, sweeping and maintenance. Everything is engineered to the quality you expect from Kärcher: No compromises have been made.
A manual adjustment enables you to set the brush to the ideal height for the pile being cleaned.
An electronic indicator shows you when the adjustment is right. And if the brush becomes blocked for any reason, the electronic control switches off the unit before any harm can be done.

Kärcher upright vacuum cleaners are equipped with a detachable suction tube for vacuuming upholstery and getting into awkward corners and other difficult-to-reach areas. A quarter of a turn is all that is really to release the suction tube from the unit. The brush motor is switched off automatically while the suction tube is in use. This avoids unnecessary brush wear and protects the carpet too.

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